July 9, 2017 Blog

Why I’m Running

I’m running for office to give a voice back to the people of Illinois’ Sixth District. Peter Roskam has lost touch with his community, and has put the Donald Trump agenda ahead of the needs of the people he is supposed to be serving. It is time for the concerns of our community to come before political careers and personal agendas.

I grew up the daughter of a butcher and a secretary. We didn’t have much, but I had what so many don’t today: opportunities. Opportunities allowed me to work my way through college and eventually land a job at a top law firm.

But I learned no amount of planning can prepare a person for life’s unknowns. A few years ago, I had major neck surgery. I nearly lost my home trying to make ends meet to support my family. I knew I was not the only one who felt abandoned during hard times, so after recovering I pursued work that would help the vulnerable deal with the curves life throws at them.

I became District Chief of Staff to Representative Bill Foster, where I focused on trying to make government work for the people again. I was proud to head a team that helped bring millions of dollars back to the district — reinvesting in the community, and helping constituents receive the benefits they’ve earned.

Too often, people say government isn’t working. I have helped make government work and want to keep doing so.

Today, government isn’t working for the people in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District.

After a decade in Washington, D.C., Peter Roskam has lost touch with the community. He has spent his time in office focused on one thing: climbing the political ladder. To advance his own political career, he is a stalwart leader of the Trump agenda – voting with President Trump more than 97% of the time. He is leading President Trump’s plan to take health care away from millions of Americans, and even proposes a tax plan that lowers taxes for corporations, putting the burden squarely on the shoulders of middle class families.

It is time to replace Peter Roskam with someone who is focused on serving the interests of this community, not special interests. Being a representative means more than shaking hands in back rooms. It is time to bring back faith in our government.

I am ready to serve.


Carole Cheney