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Every American deserves access to a quality and affordable education. Yet Donald Trump and Peter Roskam are committed to taking resources away from our public schools and making higher education even more expensive and out of reach for millions of Americans. Republican-backed policies have led to teachers being let go, larger class sizes, and less attention to the students who need it most. Education is our country’s great equalizer. In Congress, I will be an unwavering ally of our public schools and our teachers, and ensure that higher education is attainable and affordable for all Americans.


Fostering a strong education system starts with building our public schools and supporting our teachers. That means recruiting and training quality teachers, while also supporting and advocating for them throughout their careers. We also need to prepare our students for the significant changes anticipated in our increasingly automated economy in the coming decades. In Congress, I will always put our public schools first and work with local businesses to promote curriculums that ensure students graduate with the fundamental skills they need to succeed, whether in college or in the job market.

STEM Education

In this global economy, we need to make sure that our kids can compete. That’s why I’ll make sure we’re investing in STEM education and expanding opportunities for kids to go to college or get vocational training.

Higher Education

As a mother of two kids in college who have student loans, I know how daunting and crippling student debt can be. It’s undeniable that the skyrocketing tuition prices have put college out of reach for countless families, and it’s unacceptable that a higher education comes with thousands of dollars in debt. Student debt in this country is harming not only those saddled with massive loans, but also our nation’s economy by diverting money that could have been spent purchasing goods and services. That’s why I support initiatives to reduce student loan debt, such as increasing our investment in Pell Grants and making income-based repayment plans accessible to more graduates.

Technical and community colleges also offer an affordable opportunity to develop the cutting-edge skills needed to enter the workforce, yet there is still more we can do. Encouraging partnerships between technical colleges and the private sector through apprenticeships and recruitment programs will make tuition more affordable and ensure our students are graduating with the training needed to succeed.

In this great nation, college costs should not be a barrier to higher education. I will work to end the barriers to higher education that both contribute to our nation’s growing income inequality and are hampering economic growth.

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