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Climate change is a very real threat and we already are seeing its devastating impact. But the Trump Administration has rejected science-based environmental and energy policy, instead catering to big oil companies through tax credits and loopholes. In Congress, I will stand up against Donald Trump’s assault on environmental protections. As a mother of two, I believe that we are stewards of our natural resources and have an obligation to preserve and protect our environment.

That’s why in Congress, I will champion renewable energy sources such as solar and wind energy, that also have been proven to create green jobs right here in Illinois and across the county. I will stand up against the Trump Administration’s assault on the EPA and sound science. I will also push for the reinstatement of our participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, end fossil fuel subsidies, protect public lands, and oppose dangerous pipeline proposals.

Clean Air and Clean Water

Protecting Illinois’ majestic landscape should not be a partisan issue. It’s unacceptable that Donald Trump and Peter Roskam have made protecting our air and water a political issue at the expense of sound, forward-looking policy. Our environment and natural resources support businesses like agriculture and tourism which boost job growth across the state. That’s why in Congress, I will support strengthening and enforcing the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act to protect our environment and natural resources to ensure we maintain its positive economic impact.

Renewable Energy

For too long, Republicans like Peter Roskam have subsidized and protected the energy industry at the expense of both our environment and American taxpayers. It’s time for Congress to end the loopholes and special tax breaks given to the oil industry, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and incentivize innovation and growth in the renewable energy sector.

Developing clean energy technologies will not only result in a better environment, but in the creation of new, higher paying jobs. Our state has seen the economic benefits of a strong clean energy sector. In Washington, I will close loopholes that benefit the oil industry and require oil companies to disclose the contents of fracking fluid which could poison our drinking water. I will also prioritize a renewable standard to ensure that by 2050, 50 percent of our power is generated from a renewable source.

A Leader in the Fight Against Climate Change

The U.S. made important strides over the last decade in fighting the effects of climate change. Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement cedes up our leadership role on climate issues to countries like China and sends the wrong message worldwide. In Congress, I will stand in strong opposition to Republican efforts to attack the science behind climate change, and will work to make the U.S. a leader in fighting climate change once again.

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