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Health and Safety


Every American has a right to accessible, affordable and quality healthcare. But that right is under attack. Republicans like Peter Roskam have been working hard to to strip health care away from millions of Americans and their families. I will fight to ensure every American has access to health care by exploring options ranging from a public option to provide additional choice, lowering the eligibility age for Medicare, and working to find rational ways to reduce costs while providing quality health care.

We need a strong leader in Washington who understands the importance of affordable healthcare and will fight to protect Medicare and Social Security. As your Congresswoman, I will be a strong advocate for affordable and quality health care, and work to ensure that no American ever worries about whether or not they will lose their healthcare because of partisan politics in Washington.

Affordable Care Act 

As someone who receives their healthcare through the marketplace, I understand firsthand the disastrous impact that repealing the ACA would have on millions of American families and on our economy. That’s why I will defend the Affordable Care Act and stand up to Republican efforts to strip affordable health care from millions of Americans. Peter Roskam has repeatedly tried to repeal the ACA. Rather than sabotage the ACA, we should work to improve our healthcare system so that healthcare is affordable and accessible to all.

Protecting Planned Parenthood

I am strong advocate of women’s reproductive rights and the services provided by Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of both family planning services and health care to poor women. I am pro-choice and I will work to protect every woman’s right to make informed choices about her body in consultation with her doctor and without the interference of politicians. As Congressman Foster’s District Chief of Staff, I toured the Planned Parenthood facility in Aurora in the wake of an arson incident to provide moral support to people who work there and to stand up for Planned Parenthood. I will work to ensure Planned Parenthood can continue to provide crucial health and family planning services to millions of American families.

Social Security and Medicare

Social Security and Medicare are two important promises made to seniors that we must keep. Donald Trump and Peter Roskam have already set their sights on cutting Social Security and Medicare to pay for more handouts to special interests. In Congress, I will oppose efforts to privatize Social Security and attempts to decrease funding for Medicare.

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic 

I will work to address the opioid epidemic that is devastating so many communities throughout Illinois. Virtually everyone in our District knows someone whose life has been impacted in some way by the opioid crisis. In Congressman Foster’s office, I worked closely with local governments and community organizations in battling this scourge. We can combat the epidemic by supporting effective treatment, and we can curb its expansion by holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for failing to prioritize human lives over profits.

Gun Violence Prevention

Congress cannot continue to sit on its hands, or pander to special interests, while the carnage continues. I support strengthening our guns laws by passing common-sense legislation that will help address the gun violence epidemic in our country. We need to implement universal background checks, ban the sale of military style guns like AR-15s and modified weapons designed to cause mass casualties such as “bump stocks,” take steps to keep guns out of violent offenders and the dangerously mentally ill, and pass “no fly, no buy” laws so that individuals on the no fly list cannot purchase firearms. Also, we should repeal the Dickey Amendment and sufficiently fund the Centers for Disease Control for research on gun violence and its prevention, just as we would do with any other epidemic.



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