July 24, 2017 Press Release

Carole Cheney Announces Congressman Bill Foster Endorsement

Foster endorsement marks Cheney as the only Democratic candidate to be endorsed by a member of the Illinois Congressional Delegation

NAPERVILLE, IL – Carole Cheney, a leading Democratic candidate for the Illinois 6th Congressional District, today announced that she has received the endorsement of Congressman Bill Foster (IL-11). Cheney is currently the only primary candidate to be endorsed by a sitting member of the Illinois Congressional Delegation.

“Carole Cheney is up to the task of leading the way for Illinois’ 6th District,” said Congressman Bill Foster. “She is a fighter and a tireless advocate who will always prioritize her constituents first.

“Carole is a success story. Nothing in life was handed to her. She had to work hard to open the doors of opportunity. She understands the struggles and obstacles people are facing because she’s faced them too. Carole is uniquely prepared to join me in Congress.

“I asked Carole to join my team and to help serve the constituents in my district. She worked tirelessly to listen to their concerns, identify problems, and offer lasting solutions. She’s delivered again and again.

“There isn’t another candidate in the field prepared like Carole Cheney. Without question, she is up to the task.”

“When it comes to decision making, Congressman Foster always focuses on the interests of his constituents, not special interests,” said Carole Cheney. “It is this focus on constituents that is lacking in our representation in Illinois’ 6th Congressional District. Instead of being accessible and hearing the concerns of our community, Congressman Roskam has closed his door — putting party before the people he should be serving.

“I will fight for the people of the 6th District, and put the needs of the community before the wants of DC special interests. My office will always have an open door, and the concerns of constituents will take top priority, rather than the political gamesmanship that is the central focus of the current representative.”

Carole Cheney served as District Chief of Staff to Illinois’ 11th District from 2013 until 2017. During that time, she focused on delivering for the residents of the district – from making sure seniors received help in navigating the social security system, to helping return millions of tax dollars back to the district so that it could be reinvested into the community, and ensuring that the congressional doors would always be open so constituents could voice their concerns and be heard.